Sunday, November 12, 2006

Women's Tea

Becky is having a Tea for all the expatriate women in town. It should be a fun afternoon. I already cooked for the guys. Although they are never pleased when a dessert item leaves our home! I did make them a blueberry pie so that soothed them savages somewhat.

At church today Spencer and I understood most of the sermon. Sasha spoke and he is very clear and doesn't talk too fast.

Ruslan led the service. It was my first time seeing him up front. Although, he and his wife Lilia have been at the church since July.

Valodia is speaking tonight at a church in Arizona. He is not feeling well and could use our prayers.

Ira walked up to me after church and gave me a big hug. She was looking for her buddy Tom and he didn't make it out this morning. He was not feeling well. It was so cute to look down and see this little girl's arms wrapped around my legs!

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