Saturday, January 13, 2007

Old New Year

I went over to the church on Saturday to help with setting up for the party. I had two hours of live language that was very insightful. Now I know how to make fried Russian meat pies. I had to mix up the filling. There were some new verbs used and that was helpful. Everyone understood when I spoke or asked a question so I was excited about that. I didn't get corrected today and I don't know whether I didn't make any mistakes or if they were being polite. Normally I get corrected at least once!

I came home and changed clothes and then Spencer and I went back for the party. The church was filled with great smells and lots of people. I took a few photos but am having trouble getting our ScanDisk card reader to work so I cannot load them.

When I got to our apartment building one of our neighbors was fussing at a group of girls for coming over with their goodie bags asking for candy... he told them that tonight was the wrong night and that they should come vack tomorrow. They were asked if their parents knew they were out. And when they said yes they got invited in! New Years and Old New Years is like Christmas, 4th of July and Halloween. Kids go door to door for candy and money. Fireworks are set off and presents are exchanged.

Olya came to the dinner at church with Yanna and Ira. Yanna just about fell asleep in my arms she almost made it through dinner. Lena took her into the mothers room and laid her down. I sat next to Ira and she gave me the crust from her meat pie. I caught her before her little greasy hands were wipe on my skirt. I was quick on the draw with a napkin! Childproofing the table meant moving the candle and the candy away from 2 year old Ira... she was not happy with either being taken away from her.

Spencer and I stayed through dinner and worship. After that games started and we were both getting tired. Before we left Jim told us he was definitely going back to the states at the end of the month. I called Nathan and he is ready to go back with him. That is a relief to know we don't have to worry about him missing a connection in a foreign country somewhere and we would not have any way of helping him out. Now he has a travel buddy and I am glad!

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