Monday, January 15, 2007

What color umbrella looks good on you?

Today I was listening to a group of women talking about how they choose an umbrella. One of them chose her umbrella color to match her eyes. She had a light blue umbrella and her eyes are blue. The other woman said that because her skin is pale whatever color she chooses changes her complexion to that color... she won’t use a green umbrella because it makes her look green. The umbrella she had was a bright rose color... to make her skin look rosy.

I can admit that I have chosen umbrellas based on how they will look with what I am wearing. I have a pink raincoat so my personal umbrella is pink. I also have a green umbrella for when I wear my green leather jacket. Spencer's umbrella is black with red flames. Tom and Nathan pick up what ever one is handy... sometimes Tom won't even use one. We have an umbrella that has room for two people that comes down over the shoulders... totally shielding both people from the rain. We have exra umbrellas to loan to people who need one to get home.

It was interesting to listen to these women speak. They were not dealing with the practical aspects of using an umbrella they were more concerned with the fashion aspect.

How do you choose an umbrella?


  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    My umbrella is black with wind vents so it won't invert in the wind. :)

  2. I live in Arizona, so typically I choose an umbrella by what's available in the store because I got caught by surprise and need one asap. But if I lived in a place that was rainy, I'd probably choose for fashion as well as coverage.

  3. And the irony is I walked out of my apartment in Tempe, AZ (the desert) this morning guessed it. It was raining. And where was my umbrella? In the trunk of the car. A lot of good it did me there!

  4. I thought my days of leaving home without an umbrella were over... I did it again tonight. It was clear skies when we left home late this afternoon. But, coming home around 9pm it was a downpour! Oh well!