Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

I was tagged by Crickl and by Young Pastor's Wife to do a meme of 7 random things about me. Since it is my birthday today I will give it a try!

1) I was born in Chiseldon, England on an Air Force base. My mother was 7 months pregnant when she flew across the pond with my two older brothers in tow!

2) As a child the name Alida was different and rarely pronounced correctly, in Russia I have been told that my name is Russian and easy to remember!

3) My husband Tom and I, my brothers John and Kevin and their wives Karen and Shari have all been married 25 years!

4) On my mother's side of the family I have 7 cousins and only 1 female cousin, Hilary, and we are 14 years apart in age. On my father's side of the family I am one of 50 first cousins!

5) Not knowing that I would ever go to Russia one day it just so happens that I actually learned some Russian in 4th grade at Isely Elementary School in Wichita, Ks.

6) I love to knit and crochet... that is not news to anyone who knows me. However, I am left handed and I was taught by my mother's cousin Sharon, who is also left handed!

7) My favorite dessert is Key Lime pie and my gracious mother-in-law is making me one today for my birthday!

***If you are a blogger and would like to do a 7 things meme then jump right in!


  1. I've been pronouncing it (in my mind, as I don't think I've ever said it out loud) as A-lee-da. Is that right?

  2. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Happy birthday Alida!! Hope you have a great day. -from kriswith3

  3. Happy Birthday, my dear friend!

  4. Ooooooooh, key lime PIE....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend!! I hope it is a blessed year for you and your family!


    And thanks for doing the meme! I learned a lot of new thins about you!

  5. Happy birthday Alida!!

    I swear I've been tagged twice in the last week only our group is doing 8 things. Do you have any idea how hard it was to come up with 16 things no one already knew about me? I can't keep anything about myself private lol

    Hope you have a wonderful day - wish I could have some of that key lime pie!

  7. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

    And yes, Michele you are pronouncing it correctly!

  8. Happiest of birthdays!!!!!! What did you get as you gift?

  9. Happy birthday to you Alida! Your friendship has been a wonderful blessing to me. I hope you have many many good things happen this new year.

  10. Thanks for the birthday greeting!

    As for presents I got books and a few more books! I have three travel books.

    Eyewitness Guide to St. Petersburg
    Eyewitness Guide to Cypress
    100 Places Every Woman Should Go

    and then I have three crochet books

    200 Ripples
    Lily Chin's Couture Crochet
    200 Blocks

    and the last new book for me is

    Writing Motherhood