Monday, June 18, 2007

models of love

While reading my good friend Allie's blog this poem lept at me from the screen and hit me right in the heart.

Through reading the blogs of friends, participating in discussions over on the Pastors Wives Forum, and talking with my friend Kim here in Texas, I came to realise how grateful I am that there are godly women in my circle of friends who model how to love in a healthy and godly way.

Here is the poem, written by a woman to her husband... enjoy!

"I met you years ago
of all the men
I knew,
I hero-worshipped
you are my husband now,
my husband!
and from my home
(your arms),
I turn to look
down the long trail of years
to where I met you first
and hero-worshipped,
and I would smile;
...I know you better now:
the faults,
the odd preferments,
the differences
that make you you.
That other me
-so young,
so far away
-saw you
and hero-worshipped
but never knew;
while I,
grown wiser
with the closeness of these years,
hero-worship, too!"

-Ruth Bell Graham


  1. so good to know that these baby stages are just that...stages! Thanks for reminding me that there's hope on the other side!

  2. Aww, gee, Alida. Thanks for the quote (of a quote...)!!