Monday, June 25, 2007

museum lover!

As a child I saw the inside of so many museums that I remember where we were by what museum was there...

Canton, Ohio- that was the Football Hall of Fame !
Springfield, Mass- that was the Basketball Hall of Fame !

Can you tell that I had brothers that my dad wanted to keep entertained?!

When I was homeschooling the kids I got the museum bug myself so whenever we are in a city that has some type of museum I am up for checking it out!

On our recent trip to Oklahoma Tom and I found the Sod House Museum.

Here is what it looks like!

This is the marker outside:

I found the place to be interesting... the little sod house was fully furnished the way it would have been back when it was lived in.

There were exhibits about the Russian Jews that came to Oklahoma, the Germans who came from Russia, the African Americans who settled in Oklahoma and so much more.

If you are in that area and have about 20 minutes or so to spare... stop in and check it out!


  1. This is so interesting. We don't travel much but I will put this in my memory bank ( ha ha thats a joke) and if we ever pass through there we will stop. We once found a museum on our way yo Paige Arizona in the side of a mountain. It was a cave and it had all kinds of amazing displays on the people who would have lived in the caves many years ago.

  2. Thank you for your post. And I love your sunset picture. My kids and I LOVE to watch God "paint a sky". I have a wonderful sunset photo on my Colorado Land pictures that I took this last March when we were there. I love to look at the beauty that God created. Thanks again!

  3. thanks so much for stopping by!!

  4. That museum does look very inetersting! We have a few museums where we live and I know we should visit them much more often than we do!

  5. Looks like fun. Another good one that you were close to is the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco. We checked it out last summer. Really great for a 15 yo boy!

  6. my 17 year old would have loved that!!! Maybe next year!

  7. I grew up (part-time) in Oklahoma yet never heard of this museum. I was more east, but I would've loved to have visited it. I love museums too. I think I've just about got my oldest son hooked.

  8. oh I agree about museums - I loved them as a child too and still do :-)

  9. This looks like a very interesting place
    I love museums too and I especially like anything to do with olden day houses, clothes, etc etc