Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a really great day!

After waking up early Wednesday morning we drove down to Dallas for our orientation... we were not sure what to expect of a four hour meeting but, it turned out great!

First we shopped at Sam Moon on the drive down.

Tom purchased beads and I got a new purse! The old has a broken zipper. I will get it fixed in Russia but for now I needed something that would actually shut!

Once at the East-West office we got to meet Brennan & Stephanie, and Gary & Kim. All three of us couples are new to East-West. We enjoyed getting to meet these great people.

We actually had the opportunity to spend some extended time with Brennan and Stephanie who will be joining us in Krasnodar. We decided to go out to dinner together... we felt so honored that they spent part of their time alone in Texas (without their four kids) eating dinner and talking with us!

Following our fantastic dinner at an Italian restaurant we stopped at IKEA. Special thanks to Marilyn M in Andover who told us there was a store in Dallas.

We are now the proud owners of bedroom curtains! I have been changing my clothes in the bathroom for the year and a half we have had the apartment because we didn't have curtains. Now we will have some privacy, shelter from the glare of the morning sun and a more finished look to our room.

Tom is excited about his new clocks... Nathan and I don't like clocks without numbers on them. Tom loves them. So we now have 4! We also picked up some ice trays, we don't have those in Russia. Now we can make ice for you when you come to visit us! Most drinks in Russia are served without ice.

We also picked up a shower curtain... because our bathroom tile is so decorative we went with clear so it could be seen at all times. Clear shower curtains seemed impossible to find at a reasonable price here in the states. IKEA had them for 1.49!

When we wake up and get on the road today we hope to drive all the way through to New Mexico... we should be able to cover more ground since Tom is feeling so well.

He has a doctor appointment on July 2nd and we are hoping to get referred to a surgeon and then scheduled for surgery soon after!


  1. Glad you had a good time in Dallas - Enjoy NM ... beautiful scenery!

  2. I'm glad you found some great deals and made some new friends. It does sound like a great day!

  3. I was amazed that we spent time on the road, in a meeting and shopping and still thought it was such a good time!