Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back in Krasnodar!!!

Thursday July 26, 2007
Yesterday, we were driven to the airport early... our driver picked us up at 8am for a 1 o'clock flight.

There was not much traffic so we breezed across Moscow easily. Arriving there three hours before we could check in! We were not able to sit, we could only lean against our luggage while we waited.

Once we were able to check in I knew that we would have to pay for the weight overage on the luggage. It cost me 12,386 rubles. Our luggage was 90 pounds overweight. That amount is almost 400$. Fortunately, I was able to go to the cashier and pay it officially and get a receipt. In the past we had to pay a bribe and then go pay the cashier. This time there was nothing on top of the posted fee.

Tom's friend Valera picked us up in Krasnodar. When talking about the weather he said that he felt like Krasnodar was warm... we thought it was hot! It is very humid and I don't think I have stopped sweating since I arrived.

Spencer immediately started calling our friends after we got settled in our apartment. Olya came over with the girls. Yana is so big! She is trying to walk already! Her first birthday is at the end of August and her sister Ira's 3rd birthday is a week later in September.

Some of our friends are out of town and some we will see on Sunday at church.

We are grateful to be back in our home. Spencer was so happy to have his own room back that he turned up his music really loud, went into his room, shut the door and stayed there for the rest of the evening after our guests left!


  1. yippee!
    home safe and sound.
    congratulations on a long and safe trip.
    now, bring your hubby home.

  2. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I'm glad you guys made it back okay. I really miss you!

  3. Home sweet home! Glad you made it safe and sound. Enjoy.

  4. It so nice to get to visit other places (especially when it's the US and that's where you are originally from) but it is oh, so nice to walk in the threshold of your own home again...wherever that home may be. Glad you are home again!