Thursday, July 12, 2007

Visas are here!

Friday July 13, 2007

We can breathe again... our Russian visas were granted for another year! I have to admit that I was concerned after Tom purchased tickets for Spencer and I to leave on the 20th of July.

To understand why I had doubts about our visas coming through without a hitch... the history of past visa renewals are found here .

We have renewed our visas in a gorgeous city on the Black Sea, Odessa, Ukraine in 2005. The following year we were blessed with a trip to Kiev, Ukraine and chose to renew our visas there.

Odessa was great and the consult there was so easy to work with. There was a woman there who walked us through the entire application and was incredibly helpful. Kiev is a beautiful city but the consult there was very frustrating to deal with. The process in America was very simple... there was one phone call made to us after we sent the application in to clarify what type of visa we wanted and they showed up earlier than promised!

Tom surgery update: his appointment with the surgeon is set for August 7th. He has been calling in to see if there is a cancellation that he can squeeze into and so far there is nothing available. We have been told that he should be scheduled for surgery within two or three weeks after seeing the surgeon.


  1. Great news on the visas. Safe travels!

  2. Praise God for the visa thing . . .I've seen too many crasy days in the name of visa. And prayers for an early date for surgery.

  3. Good news! I'm praying for Tom and his surgery, have a great week!

    Helen x.

  4. Glad about the visas (sounds like a lot of work!)
    I'm praying for you!!