Tuesday, August 14, 2007

20 years ago today...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I remember very clearly going into labour again! It was our 7th trip to the hospital. Although my due date was not until September 3rd, I was determined not to be sent home that night. When the resident came in to see me I told him very sternly "tell Dr. F that I am not leaving here without a baby!" When he came back in he had a smile on his face and said "Dr. F says that he will see you in the morning!"

I spent the night in labour, got up the next morning and my doctor came by to see me. After measuring me, and the baby, he determined there was no way for the baby to come out naturally so I was scheduled for surgery at 6:30 pm.

Before we were blessed with Nathan in 1987 we had two children that were stillborn. Perhaps knowing that will help you understand why we were eager to have Nathan born while we knew he was alive and healthy.

Two times I was visited by the hospital chaplain back in 1985. Both times it was the same woman. When she saw my name on the board slated for a c-section she stopped in to say how excited she was that we were finally going to have a live birth.

Nathan arrived via c-section and was greeted by name by everyone in the room! We knew he was a boy so everyone was calling him by name even before he was delivered. He was given a bath by Tom and then handed to me to hold.

It is not easy being 9000 miles away from him today. I did speak with him earlier this evening. Since we are 10 hours ahead we actually woke him up to say: "Happy Birthday Nathan!!!!"

Again, Happy birthday Nathan, we truly love you and are grateful that God gifted our lives with your presence!!


  1. You mean I have to look back and only get to reminisce in 17 1/2 years? She won't stay little forever? How sad! I'm sure it's a bittersweet moment to know that your job is complete and done well and having to let go of your baby.

  2. Alida,
    That must be hard for you to be away from him on his birthday. I pray that he had a wonderful day and that you enjoyed the memories of bringing him into the world. You are a blessed woman.