Friday, August 31, 2007

day three!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Today was day three of no hot water... I used my electric tea pot to heat some water so I could wash the dishes. It took three pots of water to fill the sink!

When Aloana was speaking the other night about what life is like in Dagastan for them she mentioned not having any hot water at all. They have lived there for 3 years and have not had hot water... I won't complain about my three days!

Spencer is babysitting tonight. He is getting closer and closer to being able to buy a slick new cellphone. He already has one picked out. He has been good about calling the new students that are here with kids to see if he can work. He probably doesn't realize how beneficial skills like that will be later on in life. It is not easy to pick up the phone and drum up work for yourself. Since school started he has worked each weekend!

Tom has his bags packed and is ready to go! He is flying from Albuquerque to Washington D.C. and then D.C. to Vienna. In Vienna he has a 14 hour layover. Tom is very resourceful when it comes to down time. I have no doubt that he will find a place to stretch out and rest! His last leg of flying will bring him directly here to Krasnodar! He will get here on Monday the 3rd.

I went to a prayer meeting this morning for the East-West women who are here in the city. We are going to meet twice a month so that we can support and encourage one another. I have to admit it feels like a such a treat to get together with women who speak English!

Please keep our friend Ann in your prayers. I received an email from her husband, she needs to return to America for medical treatment. Ann and Robert were students at our language school, they are also with East-West. Ann was very supportive of me when I reached out to her regarding Nathan leaving home... she is such a sweetheart and a good friend!

Nathan is now driving solo! He got his licence and is now able to drive himself to and from work!


  1. Lifting up Ann and Tom in prayer.

    Oh yeah - and your hot water situation. :)

  2. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I gave you the Nice Matters Award over at my blog!