Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fast Food in Krasnodar

Wednesday August 1, 2007

So far, this is the only place that I have found here in Krasnodar, that sells Raspberry Tea.

I know that might not seem like big news... yet, there are so many things that we do without, that it is like an oasis in the desert when we find something that we are used to from home.

I don't have Raspberry tea very often but on occasion, like yesterday I allow myself a treat!


  1. I remember feeling the same way when we were in the Caribbean. That is - until I realized how dirty everything was in the fast food restaurants. After that we stuck with the local places.

  2. Russians are constantly cleaning and most places are so small that you can see right through to the kitchen so I don't worry about that... I do worry about our street vendors though!

  3. It's good you can get your tea in a clean place !
    Miriam (Josh's Grandma)

  4. sandra from oz (yes, the good one)5:28 PM

    I've gone to this place in the mall. So what is the pizza like?

  5. Sandra Good11:36 AM

    How is the pizza there?

  6. So, can't someone from the states send you raspberry tea so you can easily brew it there? When we lived in Indiana, couldn't get plum jam there, and my in-laws sent us 3 jars 4 times a year!

  7. The pizza here is very good. The topping are a little different. You can get an American pizza with carrots on it! I like the chicken pizza the best.

    Caroline, if I knew of a brand that I would like the taste of I would ask. But what I like is already bottled and cold! I found the brewed teas to be too bitter and I cannot seem to get the sweetness right!