Sunday, August 12, 2007

finally back on line!!!

Sunday August 12, 2007

Agromnaya spacibo ( enormous thanks) to Tom! I do appreciate you filling in for me honey!!

Dima came over today after church and got us back up and running. We have lost all of our files so I am sad about my photos. I was just starting to put them onto to disks before we went back to the states and sadly I didn't finish.

At least my blog photos are not lost!

We have Tom's favorite girls here right now... Yanna is trying to walk and Eera is going back and forth to and from the kitchen eating up all the bread!

We had a large American contingent at church this morning. Two of the new families from school were visiting. And all of the Americans who normally attend are back in town!

Let's see what else? Oh, the washing machine is still not working properly. We got one problem fixed and now there is a new one.

So the washing machine, computer and the toilet were all giving me fits this week! The toilet has to be flushed three times before it will quit running. Since that one is just a minor inconveince I will wait and let Tom fix that problem!

School is really keeping us busy. Homework and trying to get to know all of the new students kept us out late each night since Wedsnesday. Two nights we had people over and the other two night we were out past ten! Neither one of us had the energy to go to an internet cafe afterwards so we have been out of touch since we heard from Tom about his surgery date.

I guess that is enough rambling from me for now! I look forward to reading through all the blogs of my friends and getting back to the Pastor's Wives Forum to see what is going on over there!


  1. Hi! well you are busy! it must be strange adapting to a new way of life but your family sounds lovely and your friends too, this must help,

    Have a good week!

    Helen x.

  2. Yay! so glad you are back. Are you going to get the DSL?

  3. Joann,
    We are going to get high speed internet... but it will take a while! Things move very slowly here, hopefully, one day this week my friend will go down to the main office and get things set up. I am really at his mercy becuase we cannot officially do things like establish services since we are not Russian citizens.

  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Noooooo! I think it would be great for you to have the toilet fixed before your husband - after surgery & traveling 9000 miles over 31 hours - returns home to you.

    Some anonymous person who is definately NOT your husband.

  5. Mr Anonymous... you sound awfully familiar!