Friday, August 10, 2007

Overwhelming needs in Russia...

Tom ran across this article in The Moscow Times newspaper.

It chronicles the desperate need for released convicts to have some sort of social rehabilitation program, which are not offered in Russia. With a 98% rate of Russian inmates being an addict & alcoholic, too much of the time when they are released from prison they simply slide back into old, destructive behaviors. Many inmates have their papers & passports lost while incarcerated, & are released with a slip of paper that says they have been released from prison. With this as their only kind of documentation, most cannot find jobs or get hired; so they return to a life of crime & addiction. The article tells of one released prisoner who returned to his former prison official asking to be incarcerated again as he was tired of being homeless & without a job. It's interesting reading & why your prayers & support are so important to the work we are doing.

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