Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spencer is so happy he is dancing!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lena told Spencer and I about two new furniture stores near her.

So we all went together to go and find Spencer a dresser... we found this!

We were able to ride home with the delivery men and show them our apartment. We had to pay extra for the delivery... they charged for each floor they had to climb up since we don't have an elevator! Thank Goodness we are only on the 4th floor!

Spencer had told Lena earlier today that he felt like he was still traveling since he didn't have a dresser. After they delivered it, he dusted it, put his clothes inside, and placed his old suitcase near the door to take out to the dumpster in the morning. I have not seen him this happy in a long time. He finally can relax and feel like he is at home! Thanks so much to Linda and Ed in California for making this possible!

I called Tom today at the hospital. He was still in the emergency room after all these days there in the hospital. He had some special testing done and they will get the results on Friday. They are trying to figure out the cause of the red blood cells that are showing up in his urine. At this point we don't know for sure if he actually had kidney stones that were trying to pass or not... the pain and difficulty he was experiencing could have been a side effect of the pain medication that he was given after the surgery. His stomach has some bruises on it from the infection in his incision site. He said that the spot where the infection is had swollen to the size of a fist. He is still being treated with antibiotics for the infection.

As I was speaking to him he was informed that he was being released and by now he should be resting comfortably at his parents home. He sounded very tired on the phone, we were both grateful to hear each other's voices, we had not spoken since he went into the hospital. I asked him if I should go back to New Mexico to help take care of him and he believed that this would all be over soon. His Dad took care of the paperwork to get reimbursed on the airline ticket Tom had already purchased and there will have plenty of time to reschedule another flight.

Spencer, myself, our church family, our ministry team mates, the teacher's at the language school and all of Tom's Russian friends are very eager to see him again!

edited to add:
this is from an email that I received from my friend Cathy, a nurse in Kansas. She spoke with Tom shortly after he arrived back at his parents house.

He said they had diagnosed him with an abdominal wall hematoma. He asked what that was, and I explained it is basically an area of bleeding that forms a pocket, and could occur any place there is trauma, so it is not totally unexpected after surgery. I'm guessing that was a big part of the swelling he has on his abdomen.

Thanks so much Cathy, for that explanation of the abdominal problem!

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  1. Poor Tom. He has got to be miserable and I'm sure he misses you. I'll keep praying for his recovery so you can be soon reunited.

    I've never heard of anyone charging according to the number of floors they have to climb.