Saturday, August 25, 2007

Strolling on Krasnaya

Saturday, 25, 2007

Strolling on Krasnaya is a weekend pastime here in Krasnodar. The street is closed off to vehicles. Teens in groups, couples hand in hand, families with children in strollers, grandparents with their grandchildren, women out with friends, are free to wander from one end of Krasnaya to the other.

As Spencer and I went walking down on Krasnaya today, we found 3 Russian-English New Testaments at the Christian bookstore, Harmony. I am looking forward to using mine in church and to begin using it in my personal devotions.

Spencer found a small porcelain collector’s plate of Krasnodar, and I was able to shop at one of my favorite stores, L’Occitane!

When we lived in Southern California I discovered L’Occitane while working at bank near Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Turns out that strolling Krasnaya is great for pampering ourselves... body and soul!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderfully blessed day!