Saturday, August 11, 2007

Transitions & rites of passage...

Nathan drove on the freeway for the first time as he continued to practice driving & increase his experience. He was told that part of his driving test to get his license will include freeway driving. Nathan & his dad drove from Albuquerque to the next city - & he did good. His transition into adulthood signifies a shift for our family as well, because when Tom leaves for Russia, Nathan will remain in the States. It's funny how healthy & natural transitions bring a dichoomy of emotions with them!


  1. sandra from oz9:31 AM

    You're doing a good job as a substitute blogger while Alida's computer is down. Maybe you should get your own blog. Or, maybe Alida could share some of her blog space with you. Hmm?
    Oh, my hubby says "hi" back

  2. Nice job subbing--and lots of courage for that first freeway hubby stays out of the car unless he's the driver!