Friday, August 03, 2007

two long days in a row!

Friday, August 3, 2007
Spencer stayed home today and enjoyed the quiet!

He had one visitor. Jim W. came over to borrow some of Tom's tools to help build the playground for the new school. He needed saws and a level. Spencer was able to show him where everything was and last night Tom called so he is well aware that his tools have been loaned out for a good cause!

I spent much of the day at language school. I did a four hour session with Arina. We worked on four lessons and she spent one hour on each lesson with me. It was not hard work. Just a lot of information to take in. One of the things I was practicing was about musical instruments. I was trying to say "I play the violin" but what I said was "I play the paper clip".

By the end of the fourth hour I think my brain was fried.

Lena came over this evening with Ira. It was good to spend time talking with her. I was telling her about hiring another language helper. They recommend at school having two and we just had not pursued that. We were talking about the importance of listening to more than one voice... only I said "more than one person's hair!" Lena is still interested in helping out two days a week. And we will have Sasha to help two days a week. That way everyone of us will get time in with a tutor as we are all full time this year.

Ira didn't talk much until it was time to go. I offered to help her with putting on her shoes. She will be three in September. She said to me, in Russian of course, "Aunt Alida, I learned how to do it myself!" I think all over the world children know how to say "I can do it myself!"

Spencer and I ended the day with a movie and pizza. He went to bed early, he has offered to help dig the holes for the posts that will support the playground equipment and he has also offered to help with an English class. He started to carefully enunciate each word after that phone call!

I don't know if I will see him tomorrow... if he gets called in to do playground duty he may leave before I wake up!

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