Thursday, August 02, 2007

a very long day

Thursday August 2, 2007

I will have to write about it all tomorrow... our day began with school and ended with dinner at Brennan and Stephanie's. While there, Spencer got a chance to meet someone near his age who was helping his dad make a delivery. Spencer helped them unload the wood, cement and sand for the new playground equipment for the international school that is starting up next month.

Right now they have grades K4-10th. This will be a great blessing to many families here with children who wish to study in English.

Tom called tonight and that was exciting! We had not heard his voice in a week.

I have class for four hours tomorrow. I was put in a new class and will move ahead 7 lessons. Tomorrow Arina will work with me on the grammar for the lessons that I am skipping!


  1. Marilyn Wiser4:57 PM

    I thought you'd like to hear a little about our recent trip to Russia & Ukraine. We left the states on July 11th and did some sightseeing in Moscow. We then took an overnight train to Varonezh. Guess who we saw there? Ann Fuqua & her husband, whom we had not met, but sat thru language class in Krasnodar with her and Tom. Isn't that funny? Our group of 28 were singing & sharing. We came back to Moscow the next Tuesday night via train and then some of us took a plane to Odessa. We did a concert in Ismail, some sightseeing & then on to Tutarbanari(sp)& then back to Odessa. Some of us left on the 23rd & got home that day & others got home on the 24th, due to overbooking, etc. It was a very challenging trip, a lot because of the heat and transportation difficulties, but God was glorified in this trip. Marilyn Wiser

  2. Wow, what a small world! I am so glad that you were able to see Robert and Ann...they are such a great couple!

    Odessa is beautiful isn't it!

    The heat has been very difficult this year... it is causing health problems for many people.

  3. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Actually, had been nearly 2 weeks since we had talked! I was very happy to hear your voice & get caught up!