Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not being in America we have not heard about the anniversary today. We do pray for all the families who still feeling the affects of the tragedy of 9/11.

It was a good day in class. We all did well. Tomorrow is another day and we have a new lesson to work on. This one is about getting things repaired.

Why is it that we get topics like this one after we experience them in real life!? We have had the toilet worked on, the washing machine, and the computer. We need to get our couch repaired and the first estimate we got was very expensive... so we need to call another master to come out and look at it.

We are still going without hot water during the week. Our classmates live in a building not far from us and they are experiencing the joy of not having hot water and of their not having electricity. so I suppose we have something to be thankful for... our electricity has only gone out once since we returned to Russia!

I didn't hear from Nathan today... otherwise, I would have written something about him. I think he is happy though whenever I say his name. Isn't that right, Nathan?


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Do it again!

  2. Still no hot water? Ouch! I'll pray that the plumber gets things solved quickly for you.