Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday, September, 14, 2007

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Cars have been speeding through our neighborhood this week due to the major repairs on the main street near our apartment. This means that children and cars are occupying the same space….which makes for some scary moments here and there.

Sometimes we can hear two drivers yelling at each other because they are both trying to go down a narrow lane in opposing directions… who has the right of way? There don’t seem to be any clear cut rules. Car horns honking, boys and girls squealing, parents and grandparents yelling for little ones to be careful were all part of the Friday night excitement!

Our hot water only works on the weekend when they quit working on the apartment building that is going up a few buildings over from us… they shut down all the hot water for the entire block. We were given no warning and have no idea how long it will last. So think of us during the week when we are taking cold showers and fighting traffic just to walk two blocks to church, to the bus stop, or to the market!

***thanks to everyone who was praying for Ann. Her surgery went well and she should be able to leave the hospital on Saturday.


  1. As frustrating as it must be, I'm sure you are glad to know why you don't have hot water.

    Glad to hear Ann's surgery went well.

  2. Oh my - what an experience! Convenience looks completely different there, doesn't it?

    I've not yet commented on your blog, though I have enjoyed 'conversations' on the Pastor's Wives forum. But, even though I haven't commented, I have read a lot of your blog. So, I popped by to let you know that I have given you a blog award. I wrote about it in my latest post. The stories of your life as a ministry family away from 'home' touch my heart in a special way because our family is also ministering in another country than what we would have called 'home' before. But I like the way you write and the stories that you do share. Some of it is just plain FUN! I smile a lot here. Thanks for sharing!!