Saturday, September 15, 2007

moving day

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spencer and I helped the Parhomenko's move today. It was an interesting cultural experience.

Apparently, women and teenagers are not allowed to lift heavy things. I am not sure of the exact reason why, but it seems we are more at risk to injure our spines.

Spencer picked up a box that Lena knew was really heavy and she had already told him four times not to lift the heavy ones... since he didn't listen to her she punched him in the arm! I told Spencer "she has 5 brothers, remember!".

I was allowed to help clean the apartment. I did the kitchen, bathroom, all the windows and then I dusted. Lena was doing all the rest. We started at eleven and finished at one. I had planned to go shopping with Tom but as I was walking home I decided to stop and get some fruit and veggies at the outdoor market...I started walking slower and slower, I finally realized how tired I was after working so hard!

Spencer had invited Seth over and now he, Seth and Vlad are listening to music. They played basketball for a bit and they all seemed wiped out!

***Congratulations to Erin and James on the birth of their second daughter!

Elysia Joy

Sept. 14th 2007
6:05 am
8lbs 8 oz


  1. I love reading the names of all your friends in Russia - such interesting spellings!

  2. You deserve a smile - come over and collect your new award.