Monday, September 03, 2007

Tom is home!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Tim W. went to pick up Tom from the airport. Along the way he stopped and picked up a surprise for Tom… Alexei!

Tom was so excited to see his friends. It amazes me that Alexei was willing to get up and go to the airport at 4am knowing that he had to attend the first day of a two week intensive session of Biblical Studies at Kovchek today.

I got up at 5 am to be ready to answer the door as soon as they knocked. Tom woke up Spencer and the three of us spent the next 4 hours talking about Tom’s travels, his surgery, our trials with appliances and generally having a great time catching up with one another.

In the states the holiday is Labor Day, but here in Russia we decided it is “Daddy coming home day!” that just means that we skipped school to stay home and be with Tom!

Tom came home with only one suitcase… no he did not pack light, one of his bags got lost. Hopefully, it will be on the next flight and we should get it in the morning.

He had a 32 hour journey home, he is very tired and is now sleeping. He plans to sit out of school this week and will get back into the swing of things next week!


  1. Yeah! Tom and hot water! It is a good day indeed!

  2. So glad he made it safe and sound.

  3. Praise God...I know you must have the biggest smile on your face. Blessings!