Wednesday, September 12, 2007

what a day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today was a long day for us all. Spencer got up early to go to his job as a teacher’s aide at Krasnodar International School. And Tom and I had dinner and a meeting at Tim and Joy’s right after school.

We had a wonderful evening conversing with Tim & Joy W., and Sasha & Tania Sherevlenka . We had not seen them in over 6 months and it was good to spend time with them all again.

Tania started a womens group in her village called Harmony. And she asked me to come and speak to the group about codependency. We decided on the title “Life in an Alcoholic Family”. I will be speaking on October 7th so I have time to prepare. Fortunately, I will not be expected to speak in Russian. Tania has a translator already lined up for me!

The day that we are going out to the village is the day before their daughter’s birthday. They are going to kill a sheep and have a barbeque. This will be our first birthday party in a village. I expect that we will have a lot of fun!

Joy baked and decorated a cake for Tom’s Sobriety birthday. He has been sober for 20 years! It was very sweet of her to acknowledge this day for him. In Russian tradition you say kind and beautiful words to the person you are celebrating. They all took turns saying things to Tom. Joy told us that when she let the kids know about Tom’s holiday, TJ asked if we were celebrating Tom passing his kidney stones! I guess we will have to plan a party for that day as well!!

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  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Celebrating Tom's life, and yours! Tell him congrats, and that we are praying for his health. I just love how God takes our lives and makes them shine.....