Monday, February 04, 2008

back at language school

Monday, February 4, 2008

Spencer and I were back in class first thing this morning. We were both awake and dressed and ready to go right on time! Spencer even had time to scramble some eggs for us so we could have breakfast before we left. He is such a sweetheart!

Today in class we were working on the prefixes that go in front of the motion verbs... our lesson lists 13 of them. As I was working with my language helper she said not to work on memorizing the table, but to focus instead on paying attention to how they are used by the Russian speakers around me. So for the rest of our session each time one of those verbs came up in our conversation she called attention to it. Lena R. is truly a gem!

Tom went back to school today as well... only he decided to play a practical joke on his teacher. Just as he reached the front door of the building he called her to tell her that he was not coming. She asked him why and he said because the weather was so nice he was going to stay home and she told him that he was a grown man! He told her again he wasn't coming... as he approached the door to the school office he could hear her saying "guess who just called and says that they are not coming to school?!" He opens the door and all of the teachers busted out in peels of laughter! I think our teachers got a great American culture lesson... don't you!?


  1. That sounds like a practical joke I did to a friend of mine who was expecting us for dinner. It was great fun to say "April Fools" when we showed up in the driveway minutes after we called to cancel! It was even more fun hearing what she said when she thought we weren't coming, "I've never known Karolee to be so rude!". Ha!

  2. Sounds like a good language school. Hmmm....I'll need to work on this verb of motion plus suffix idea, myself! Off-hand, po- plus gylyay is what comes to my mind! Keep up the good work. EE in Rostov.