Saturday, February 23, 2008

Men's Day

You can read more about this Russian holiday here:

or here:

I went out early today to get presents for Tom and Spencer. I realised as I was picking out presents that I was buying Spencer his first "grown up" gift. I gave him cologne. He has never had any of his own before. It had a great impact on him and I am glad that I followed through with that purchase!

Tom invited Dima B. over to watch a new Russian film with us. It is called Kiss Not for the Press. And it is loosely based on Putin's life. It was great to have Dima here to explain some of the cultural references to us. He truly added to our enjoyment of the film.

I made lasagna for dinner and was pleased to find out that it is Dima's favorite food from his time spent in Canada years ago. Dima left with movies he borrowed to watch for the long weekend. He is our only male teacher at the Language School. Men's Day is one of the official holidays that people will get to take off work for. So we don't have school on Monday.

I believe that Tom and Spencer had a great day today... at least they had full tummies and they smelled nice!


  1. Sounds like an interesting holiday - but I don't think we need to celebrate it in the USA - we celebrate our Veterans and can always add a special gift.

  2. Spencer has his own cologne!! That is so sweet. What a grownup he is now.

  3. he was excited to put it on after shaving yesterday morning! My baby is growed up!!