Monday, March 17, 2008

another Monday...

Spencer and I were back in class... Tom was home working on his teaching for the Saturday seminar. Then he went over to help out with an English class.

I was craving chocolate this evening so Spencer was kind enough to go and get some for me... right after he came there was a knock on the door. We were both a little spooked by that. He opened the door slowly and it was Vova! He had been in Moscow helping out his brother with his construction business.

Vova was returning a suitcase that we loaned him and he brought us over some chocolate in payment! So not only did I get a snickers bar from Spencer but another chocolate bar from Vova!

It was great to see him again. He had lots of stories to tell! Including the one about how he surprised Olya with his early return from Moscow. He didn't tell her he was coming home... he calls her as he is walking toward our building and they talk about the weather and how much they miss each other, he gets up to their apartment door and knocks on the door. She asks him to hang on while she answers the door, not knowing it would be him. Imagine her surprise when she opens the door with her cell phone to one ear and sees him standing there!

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