Wednesday, March 26, 2008

thought for today

He was shirtless, dirty and seemingly disoriented. Lying on the ground near the bus stop was a man who appeared to be around 50 years old. He looked up at people as they walked by. It was not quite 9 am and he was still trying to get some sleep. Three and a half hours later, we stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus home. I noticed his bedding…a pile of clothing on the ground behind the trashcan in front of the bench where people sit while they wait for the bus. He was gone. Taking it all in I prayed a silent prayer for him. I don’t know if he will be there again tomorrow.

This evening as the wind picked up, rain began to fall and the sun went down the man from this morning came to my mind again. I rarely think about the population of homeless people here in our city. Back in California it was hard to tell who was truly down on their luck. We saw men standing near the freeway holding signs that said “will work for food” or “help a vet”.

Tonight as I sit in my warm apartment I am wondering how many needy people are out there and what resources are available to help them.

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  1. I'm sure it just breaks your heart. This man was truly homeless. I get frustrated with the lady who stands on the corner by Wal-Mart with a nice jacket on and a sign begging for money when she could easily get a job inside the store. She doesn't look homeless at all.