Thursday, April 24, 2008

all in a day's work

Earlier today Tom stopped by the school to drop off Easter Baskets for the teachers. I don't have any photos of the item that he made for them. It was a small rectangular shaped mirror with a mosaic of stones attached to it in a way that when you look at the mirror you can see the shape of a cross. Special thanks to all of you who sent us gift bags and tissue paper he was able to package them up with chocolate candies and present each teacher with his or her own mirrored cross!

As Tom was walking home from his trip to the language school he ran into our neighbor Olya on the playground with her youngest daughter. As they were talking she got a call from her sister in law, Lena P! Olya told Lena who she was speaking with and Lena had Olya relay the message that she wanted to come over to our home tonight. A few hours later Lena P. stopped by to purchase a necklace for one of her professors at university... she took the time to look at each one of the necklaces that Tom showed her and finally chose something she felt this woman would appreciate. She told us that this professor has been very honorable and has not asked for bribes or special favors to do extra work with the students. Lena paid Tom the equivalent of 4 dollars for the necklace. She was happy to have a unique gift to give to her professor and Tom's enjoyment comes from making the jewelry!

Just before Lena arrived Sasha came over to work on my language lesson. Our current lesson is on funerals... not a very joyful topic. She and I ended up doing more talking than anything else. She showed me a book she was reading so we ended up discussing the theme of her book. Before she left she apologised for not helping much with my lesson. I reminded her that for me to have a conversation in Russian is also lesson. There were two times tonight when I wanted to say something and I didn't know the Russian word. We looked them up in the dictionary and then talked about synonyms for those words. That type of real life lesson is priceless to me.

As Sasha and I were winding down her brother Pavlik called to ask if we had any new movies that he might be interested in. I asked him if he wanted to talk about the choices with Spencer. Spencer invited him to come over and have a look. Pavlik is learning English at school. But he wouldn't speak English with us. I told him that we make mistakes when we speak Russian but we speak anyway. He said that "speaking Russian is scary but speaking English is even scarier!"

Sasha (23)and Pavlik (13) left with a bag full of dvd's in full negotiations over who was going to use the computer first when they got home!!


  1. Ya know... it just dawned on me... the Eastern World celebrates Easter at a different time? We finished our Easter seaon early in March (too early for me). Is there some difference with the Easter Orthodox church?

  2. Orthodox Easter is the first Sunday after Passover!