Saturday, April 19, 2008

Boundaries Week 2

We had several new people today and it is exciting and encouraging having people attend who want to change and grow.

One of this morning’s highlights was when Tom, Spencer and Dima put on a little skit for us demonstrating what it is like to ride on public transportation. (an example of a place in our daily lives where our physical boundaries are not respected. Spencer stood really really really close to Dima playing music on his cell phone extremely LOUD. Tom stood on the other side of Dima talking loudly on his cell phone! Poor Dima was not warned ahead of time what was going to happen so all of his facial expressions as he reacted to Tom and Spencer were genuine! It was a slice of reality for those of us who ride public transport everyday… which included 20 out of the 24 people who were there this morning!

I lead the women’s discussion group for the first time and I am relieved that it went well. I began by saying that I was positive that it was “clear” to everyone in the room that I am a foreigner and that I am not capable of speaking Russian without making a mistake! After making that little announcement they all laughed and I relaxed… and just spoke without being afraid of making grammar mistakes. There was a person in attendance this morning who works full time as a professional translator. She came up to me afterwards to tell me how well I did. She complimented me on the diversity of my vocabulary. She was impressed that I was able to use the complex constructions that I have learned in school mixed in with the colloquial expressions I have learned from conversations with Russians. She helped me to realize that the challenging week we had in school learning how to express our opinions correctly was worth every minute!

Tom, Spencer and I went out to dinner at Heavenly Dragon to celebrate making it though this long hard week. Tom has been teaching all week at the BLTC. He is doing a seminar on Male Sexuality. He spent 5 days this week standing on his feet teaching! Then after doing the seminar today he came home took a nap and then he had a counseling appointment. The person he was working with today didn’t want an outside translator so I sat in to help him with it.

We are grateful to be active in ministry after two years of building relationships. We don’t want to sound as if we are whining about our schedule, we are truly glad to be serving!


  1. I don't think you are whining about your schedule at all, but rather giving us a realistic look at what is going on.

    Kudos on doing a great job of speaking Russian!

  2. Great stuff!!! Congratulations on breaking through the language barrier into fabulous ministry.