Tuesday, April 29, 2008

oh the pressure!

I have heard from many of our Russian friends that they can feel the barometric pressure change. This week I am experiencing it for myself.

In the states that my fibromyalgia was connected to weather changes. We have gone from sunny to rainy back to sunny again in the course of a day...writing that about Krasnodar just reminded me of spring in Kansas!

This past week I began to feel even minor changes in the barometric pressure and that is not fun! I have felt tired and more achy in my muscles than normal. In times like this I remember the counsel from my doctor in the states "to remove as much stress from your life as possible".

I have chosen to stay home from school. This allows me to sleep later and deeper because I am not concerned about missing my alarm and being late for school. Sleeping deeper and longer allows for my muscles to relax and for me to feel restored. I have greatly improved since Sunday but I know I still have a way to go to reach par!

Over the years my doctor and I have tried various "cocktails" of different medcations. But, she has wisely kept me off of pain killers. For one, they don't provide full pain relief for me and two, they can be addictive. I use a muscle relaxer or simply Motrin, restorative sleep, warm baths, mild exercise and healthy food choices. These have proven to be the most impactful for me.

Spencer brings home my assignments from school. Tom made sure that I got out today for a short walk. I am keeping up with my language helper time. I am grateful that Sasha has a great grasp on grammar and is able to explain things that I am missing in school this week.

Tom doesn't have a seminar this week so I get to relax this weekend as well... I am grateful for God's timing. If I had to choose a week to not feel well, this is a good one!


  1. I feel weather changes in my knees. I'll pray that the weather settles down for you and that your symptoms go away.

  2. We miss you and we're praying for you! -Blythe