Friday, April 25, 2008

weighing in!

I have been working at losing weight for quite sometime now... I was 20 pounds down and then gained weight over the holidays. Tom and I are choosing healthier foods and walking whenever we can. I say that all the while knowing that my classmates from school read my blog and they all witness me eating a bag of chips and a snickers bar during our breaktime so I know I am still in need of reform.

Last week I wrote this in my journal:

Something is wrong with my bathroom scale. I think it lies to me. I can't prove it though. I cannot imagine what I may have done to the scale to deserve this treatment. Tom says that people lie when they don't feel it is safe to tell the truth.... maybe it is afraid I will get rid of it.
I wonder if I am getting on and getting off too much. I wonder if I have violated the scales boundaries in any way. Each time I get on it flashes me a number I know has to be wrong... I wonder if it is mocking me. Or maybe it is trying to keep me from being too proud or conceited... when I see that I have lost a bit I do tend to feel a bit self satisfied. I should thank the scale for this lesson in humility.

I realised after writing this that I personally needed more accountability so I decided to go public with my efforts. I asked Joyce and Stephanie to keep tabs on me. It worked. I am down a pound after the scale not budging for two weeks. Maybe this surge of bravery will come back to haunt me but here goes.

I am installing a weight loss ticker to help me keep track of my efforts.


  1. Wow, bravo! I am sure your great determination will lead to great results.

  2. Good for you! I only have an annoying 5 pounds left to lose. They just don't seem to want to go away.

  3. Maybe Russian scales don't like Americans? My scale is just as rebellious as yours! -Blythe