Saturday, May 03, 2008

comforting others...

A friend called in a panic needing someone to watch her daughter for a bit. I felt that after spending this week basking in the comfort of God, Tom and Spencer, and Arina (a teacher from our school and my massage therapist) I was ready to give some comfort to someone else.

We had recently purchased the movie Horton in Russian. I just knew this little one would enjoy it. She was not interested. She wanted to see the “hippopotamus” movie…meaning the movie Madagascar. I take out Horton and put in Madagascar.

Talking with Tom about it later he reminded me that perhaps she was looking for the comfort of something familiar. I get that.

When our family looks for comfort from the stress of living abroad we seek refuge in movies. We have old favorites that we watch over and over.

When we want to be comforted by God we might read a familiar passage from the word, meditate on the Serenity Prayer, turn on our favorite praise music or read from an old familiar devotional book.

Being reminded of the value of comfort came through a child choosing a video from our collection of old favorites. One of our favorite verses is “comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from Christ”. (2 Cor. 1:4b)

This little girl was feeling the stress of being away from home…and she needed a little comfort in her time of trouble!


  1. Isn't that why they are called comfort foods? I agree with you. It feels so good to be fact sometimes, it's easy to tell God, "but I don't want to" when we're in a comfort zone. Good for you for letting her be comfortable though in that spot. I'm glad sometimes God does just let us bask in his comfort!

  2. I forgot about comfort foods!! You are so right!!

    When we are in America I love having Nacho Cheese Flavored Doritos and a bottle of Dr Pepper... those are two things that give me "comfort" that I cannot get here!

  3. Such a profound post! Great points, thanks.