Monday, May 19, 2008


It is always hard getting back into the swing of school after a weekend of working. Where did our weekend go!?

Tom started another three week Saturday session. His new topic is Optimal Relationships. We were excited to see so many young couples in attendance!

We paid for advertisements to go up on all the bus stops in two different regions here in the city. We don't know how successful that will be in bringing new people to Tom's seminars but since the cost was only 8 dollars for 2 weeks it won't hurt us if it doesn't pan out!

Sunday was the Christian Recovery meeting and that went well... the guys from the rehab center were back in attendance but the AA guys were not there! Hopefully, we can get them all together one of these Sundays!

Today there is a meeting for those interested in working with MOPS here in Krasnodar. Unfortunately, I cannot attend. I have to make finishing school and working with Tom my first priority right now!

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