Thursday, August 28, 2008

a beautiful young couple!



Tom and I had the priviledge of attending the wedding of Timor and Oksana.

I was impressed with the simple elegant beauty of the wedding. Timor's brother Marat performed the ceremony, and their sister Elina sang a song that she wrote while Marat played the guitar... it was a beautiful song and she has an incredible voice!

When Tom and I came home we both had the same impression... they surrounded themselves with married couples and families! As we thought about the guests who were there, we came to realise that very few of the guests were single. We were impressed that they decided to start their marriage off in the company of other couples!

There was a combination of American and Russian traditions... they did not have attendants, the family was escorted in first, walking slowly to soft piano music in the background, Oksana came in alone, she sat on the bench with her side of the family and Timor sat with his side. Marat gave a talk on the value and meaning of a godly marriage. And then he called the couple forward for their vows... after he pronounced them husband and wife Oksana went to sit with Timor and his family. His sister sang and then Marat prayed and blessed the couple. There was no big party with lots of games afterward. There were tables laden with fruit and snacks, and a gorgeous and tasty wedding cake. I made it a point to go and tell the gal who made the cake that it was beautiful and tasted good. Sometimes cakes in the store here look great but taste awful!

During the reception time the couple posed for photos with everyone in attendance and afterward we took a large group shot of everyone. Following that was a walk in the Botanical Garden for more pictures and just hanging out!

Oksana and Timor even chose a very significant date for their ceremony... it was his parents 33rd wedding anniversary! It truly was a celebration of godly and loving marriages. We are going to miss Oksana, she was one of the worship leaders at our church... but we are excited for the new adventure that she and Timor are beginning!!

This is what I wrote for Timor and Oksana...

Пусть Бог благослови вас…
день за днём
и шаг за шагом,
и в жизни и в браке.

Мы желаем вам радости,
счастья, и много детей!!!

Любите друг друга всем сердцем,
Обрашайтесь друг к другу с уважением,
С горением духа трудитесь для Господа!

от всего нашего сердце,
с любовью,

Том и Алида

in English it says:

May God bless you,
day after day
step by step
in life and in marriage

We wish you joy, happiness
and many children!

Love each other with all your heart
treat one another with respect
serve God together with zeal!

with love,
Tom and Alida


  1. Lovely pictures! And also the new blog design looks lovely.

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

    It looks like a fun celebration.

    I love the Russian writing. It's so pretty.

    And I love the new blog design!!!!!!

  3. That was such a lovely post. I want you to know how encouraging it is for me to read your reminds what life after language school can be ;-)!

  4. Life after language school is this... now I have a life!! ;-)

    I have more time for people and I like that. That is why we are here!