Monday, August 04, 2008

how long has it been?

We have been using the same water company for the three years that we have lived here. I have been talking to the same girl for most of the that time when I place an order. Last Friday I called to place an order and this is what happened:

Me: I would like to order water
Her: ok, you live on ------
Me: yes, apartment number----
Her: Why haven't you ordered in the last three weeks?
Me: we were in America
Her: oh, a little vacation, huh? Did you get some rest?
Me: yes, thank you we enjoyed our time there!
Her: wonderful! As usual your order will be delivered before lunch tomorrow... that is two bottles right?
Me: yes, thank you!

Tom and I believe that we must be the only foreigners on their route. She knows me by voice! For those of you thinking that she is using a computer for all her information guess again... if someone else happens to answer the phone, they have to ask for all of our info. This gal is truly on the ball and has mastered the art of customer service!

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