Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thought for Today

We go to our homes in hopes of finding physically many of the same qualities God offers us spiritually—a restful place, safe from the storms and stresses of the world, filled with love, comfort, and absolute acceptance… Home is to be the refuge we run to after doing battle in the world. It should be where we are reminded of who we are, to whom we belong, and what really matters in life.

Terry Willits, from her book Creating a SenseSational Home

I was thinking about how we as a family use our home... when we lived in America there were times when our home was just a "pit stop" a place to sleep, eat and use the facilities. Here in Russia we have made our home more of a restful place. A safe place for us to come after the stresses of the day. A place where we are all accepted for who we are and not stared at or watched as we go about our business. I pray that our home will always be a safe place to run to... no matter where in the world it is located!


  1. I always love your thought of the day entries and this one is so true. It really can become just a pit stop if we don't do some intentional things. As we all start up work and school again, this was very timely, thanks!

  2. Thanks Christie, I love getting feedback!

  3. What a wonderful thought.


  4. Very awesome reminder! I hope that someday my home is the "hangout" and that I can be "mom" to all of my girls friends.