Friday, August 29, 2008

weighing in!

So far today is a great day!! I got up and weighed myself and I am down a pound... so I guess giving up ice cream actually works, go figure!

I went to school and had a great lesson; afterwards I went to do some shopping because we have a young Russian couple coming over for pizza.

As I was riding the bus to the supermarket an older lady came and sat down beside me... the man behind her asked her which stop to get off at to go the Ocular Micro-Surgical Center. She starts to answer, turns to me and gives me an "I can't ask her, she doesn't speak Russian" look. So I just let her keep talking because my mama taught me not to interrupt my elders! When she finished her round-about explanation I turned to him and said "it is better if you get off at the next stop and walk across the road at the light". They both look at me wide-eyed... and finally she says to him "what a great young should have asked her to begin with!" And we all laughed!

We all stood up to get off at the same stop and she turned around and said to me "you look like that beautiful man who is going to be the president in America, have you seen him, his name is Barack Obama?" I thanked her for the compliment and she smiled and went on her way.

It made my day. One of our lessons at school was about Russians not smiling unless there is a weighty reason to do so... to see her walk away smiling was truly a blessing to me. I pray that she has a good feeling about interacting with foreigners and that she will experience kindness from the next one she meets!

As I was walking home from my trip to the market a young man from our church was driving by and he waved me over to his car... he was coming to my house to deliver a painting of Tom's that he had framed. So I got a free ride home from the supermarket and Tom is thrilled to have his painting hanging up in our hallway.

Some days I wonder about what life would be like if we had chosen to purchase a car instead of our apartment... but days like today make me glad that we are seen regularly by our neighbors, church family and friends that we have made in our region. And with how much rent has risen here (and how much our property has appreciated in value) since the announcement of the 2014 Olympics coming to our state, we can see that God had His hand on our decision to purchase the apartment! I was talking with someone about rent and they don't know if they can afford to live in this area anymore... thankfully, we don't have that fear to contend with.

So ... now I can go and get the pizza dough ready... our guests are coming after work so I expect them to come hungry!!


  1. It's days like this one, I'm sure, that make what you are doing (and your language class) all worthwhile. Glad you are having a great day!

  2. That is such a great story! And so sweet... you and Barack...

    I love the look on your blog. I usually just read on bloglines so I don't know when you changed it but I should visit in person more often.