Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today Spencer and I went over to DHL to arrange to have his new passport picked up at the American Embassy in Moscow.

We paid 1,688.00 Rubles which is 65.91 USD to have this done. We were told it would be picked up by tomorrow(Wednesday) and delivered here the following day. We spent about 15 minutes getting everything arranged and paid for. It was simple, quick and a lot cheaper than flying to Moscow to pick up the passport in person!!

I emailed our contact at the Embassy to let them know when to expect DHL... I got an answer back right away letting me know that DHL had picked up the passport already and we should expect delivery tomorrow!

Spencer can hardly wait to get his new passport... it has a new photo on it that he likes much better than the one he took 4 1/2 years and 40 pounds ago. He is looking forward to the people at passport control not stopping to giggle and call their colleagues over to see how much he has changed!

Update: His passport arrived !! Spencer is on his way to the DHL office to pick it up!!

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