Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thought for Today

“Although parents have a God-given responsibility for bringing up their children, parents cannot bear the total responsibility for how each child turns out. Rather our goal as parents is to help our children become mature, because our children must ultimately decide for themselves the direction they will take in life.
Jean Fleming, from her book A Mother’s Heart

I read these words for the first time back in 1988. Nathan was 1 year old. As a young mom it was a comfort to me to read everything I could get my hands on that would help me to grow and mature as a parent. 20 years later I can see how these words guided us as we parented our sons. We made it our goal to give Nathan and Spencer age appropriate responsibilities and freedoms at each phase of their development. Now that they are 21 and 18 we are excited to watch them as they make their own way in life!


  1. Such a big charge, isn't it? You are on the other side being able to see the fruits, I'm on the "working" end thinking...can I really do this God? You really trust me?

  2. Hello Alida, Good morning from Rostov-on-Don. I'm back in the neighborhood after *visa adventures afar* and just stopped by your blog. What a spiffy new look to your site - Love It! Enjoyed reading about the DHL for son's passport too. Nice to learn about Solutions! All the best, Eileen in Rostov (for a wk)