Sunday, September 28, 2008


Spencer made it to Kiev!! He said that everything went well on the train. We have spoken to him briefly, he is still carrying his Russian cell phone so we can call him or send him text messages.

He is planning to buy a Ukrainian SIM card for his cell phone but he has been so busy working on his new apartment that he has not had much free time! There is an apartment for the female students and an apartment for the male students. He told us that the male's apartment is not ready yet and he had been helping to hang wallpaper... Tom assured him that this was a great skill to have for real life!

Tom has been cleaning out Spencer's old room. Tom's new hobby is working with pastels so he is preparing an art room to work in. I am grateful for this because right now his little "studio" is on my side of the bed...I hate stepping in pastel dust in the morning!!

Nathan is enjoying his first year at college. He was able to test out of the first year English classes so he jumped into a Creative Writing class right away... we were able to read one of his assignments and can already see him growing as a writer!

As for me, I started singing with the worship team at our church. My first rehearsal was the night Spencer left. My first time singing up front was yesterday. It feels good to sing again. I have some music terms to learn in Russian... which will be fun since I love new words! I am singing harmony which is new for me. I am finding joy in using the skills I learned at UC Irvine many years ago. Everyone on the team knows solfege and they don't use music notes just chords!

We had Vasa, Aloana and their kids over for dinner after church on Sunday. They lived with us for almost a month when she was pregnant with their youngest and he is now two! They just returned from 4 years serving as missionaries in Daghestan. They planted a church, he discipled and trained men there and was able to install a pastor to take over for him when they left. Hearing their stories was amazing. They lived under constant stress there and in fear for their lives because of the radical behaviour of the dominant religion there.

I think that is all of our news so far... if not then I will have something to talk about tomorrow!

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  1. Alida, I think it's really cool that your missionary friends accomplished their task. Praying that God continues to bless.