Friday, September 26, 2008

weighing in!

I am finally back on the right track... I am down two pounds this week!

I did a better job not succombing to the temptations of potato chips and chocolate this week. But I HAD TO eat some of Stephanie's homemade cinnamon rolls... I know Tom will read this question my use of the phrase "had to" but I am gonna stick to it. If you tasted one of Stephanie's cinnamon rolls you would know that they are one of those "had to eat" things!

I did get the courage up to join in over here:

Hot for the Holidays

it is not too late to join in the fun!!

For those of you wondering where Spencer is right now... we believe that he got across the border safely! We will know for sure once he gets on Facebook or he buys a Ukrainian SIM card!


  1. Two pounds is awesome!

    That's how much I lost too! Keep it up and we can both be hot for the holidays together!

  2. Hey, that's awesome! I will say it over and over but I mean it every time, a half a pound is a half a pound and that's awesome!!

    Welcome to the challenge!! Yay!!

  3. Keep up the great work!

    Wow - Russia - at one time I was SO facinated with anything Russian! Must be cool to live there! Hope you hear from Spencer soon!

  4. yay on the two pound loss! i think this has been the week of two pounds. i lost the same, too. i will keep checking back. trying to visit everyone on the hfh linky :) now i'm off to read a bit of your blog.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. And congrats on losing 2 pounds! Reading your post has me hungry for cinnamon rolls. :)

  6. Way to keep on the fitness track. I have to say this is the first international blog I've visited. Love it too! Very cute.

  7. I actually think that the cinnamon rolls aided in the weight loss this week!