Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thought for Today

Last week I rejected this comment to my safe sex post because of the link this person posted along with their comment. After thinking about it I have deleted the link and will post the comment for all to see:

"That's great for people who are married. But for the millions of people who are not yet married I would recommend the following link:
Seriously, to suggest that marriage is the solution for unsafe sex is not only naive but irresponsible. Note that even fundamentalists like Sarah Palin's daughter are having sex BEFORE marriage. Your blog post is cute but inappropriate."
written by anonymous

My post was cute, possibly thought provoking, but hardly inappropriate.

There are other considerations that need to be made before having sex that are not related to a communicable disease or an unwanted pregnancy.

Condoms are not a magic cure all.

Condoms are not capable of protecting the heart or the spirit.

Confining sex to marriage is not solely related to keeping yourself free of disease… but also to protecting emotions, guarding your heart, and honoring your spiritual self.

The admonition to guard one's heart is hardly naive... but (sadly) rarely considered by today's media in reference to this topic. In my humble opinion, advocating self care in all of it's forms is now and will always be highly appropriate.


  1. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Huh. How classy. Somebody showed up to post something fairly inflammatory and didn't even bother to assign a username to it. Ah, anonymity. Without you, who would start fights on the internet?

    Anyway, YES, it's good to be educated about sex, if you choose to have it while you're not married, but it's perfectly fine to wait until you are married. I don't see what got that person so upset just because you didn't phrase things in exactly the way they wanted you to.

  2. Bravo to you, Alida! All the glamourous portrayals of sex outside of marriage never show the woman crying in the bathroom floor when she realizes the man she just gave her heart and body to has moved on to the next girl. They never show the married man staring at the ceiling in his bed, trying desperately to wipe his memory clean of girls he slept with before he married.

  3. Anonymous1:16 PM

    That is too true! No one talks about how every time you have sex, you give away a piece of yourself. If you do that too many times you become fractured (this makes me think of someone you and I went to school with, Alida).

    It can damage a person irrepairably to have sex outside of marriage. If you are not prepared for this consequence or the consequence of having a baby (nothing is foolproof!), not to mention the various diseases, you should not be having sex.

  4. Hi there...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. This is my first time to you blog and am looking forward to reading about all your adventures overseas.

  5. I can see you hit a nerve! Way to go!! :-) It's always has struck me as irronic that those who are call us narrow-minded bigots are the ones who are so defensive and harsh!
    It reminds of a time when we were talking to a neighbor in the States, he was upset because he thought we narrow-minded, proud and concited. When I asked him if believing that truth exists, that we can know it, and wanting to share that with others made us such, he said yes. I said okay, if that's your description, I guess I am! :-)
    Keep up the good work!!

  6. Anonymous4:28 PM

    "Confining sex to marriage is not solely related to keeping yourself free of disease… but also to protecting emotions, guarding your heart, and honoring your spiritual self."

    That is so true! Well said, as always. I thought your post was both thought provoking AND cute. I loved it and sent it to my kids and sent my readers here to see it. You should make it into a 10 second public service announcement. ;)

  7. Dear Anonymous Commenters,

    My beliefs in reference to this subject are not about morals, religion or homophobia.

    The God that I worship gives everyone a choice and a free will.

    My stance is related to the psychological harm and damage that can befall some people when they engage in sex outside of a committed life long relationship.

    A condom CANNOT prevent a broken heart or a fractured spirit.

  8. Anonymous12:14 PM

    If you're going to write comments to "Anonymous Commenters" at least post the Anonymous Commenter's comment.

    I remain anonymous because many people in my small town in America are intolerant to those who don't believe in Chirst and who believe they have a monopoly on truth.

  9. Well said, Alida.

    I'd also like to add that a condom cannot guarantee that you will not get an STD.

    The only truly safe sex is inside a marriage with one partner for life.