Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MOPS logo in Russian

I started by finding this one on the web...

I updated it to look like this!!

I will be printing out business cards for the ladies to use to invite their friends and we will use these for our names tags as well... I still need to show it to our coordinator and print everything before our meeting on Thursday. Even as I look at it now I see things I want to change so I imagine I will be working on this for a little while longer!

This week is filled with shopping, finalizing plans, and setting up the rooms.  We are expecting guests from various churches throughout the city and you know what it is like when you are preparing for a guests to visit you at home... this is like that, kinda!

edited to add the new one:

I will show it off tomorrow and then let you know which one is the keeper!


  1. Cool! The more I read about MOPS, the more tempted I am to skip school!