Monday, November 10, 2008

Russia's Got Talent

There is a reality show in America called America's Got Talent  Here in Russia the same program is called Minute of Glory  (you can click on those titles and it will take you to those websites)

Tom and I enjoy watching reality tv, especially the talent oriented versions.  Yesterday we enjoyed two of the acts quite a bit.  There was a 8 year old who did acrobatics and there was a man who did a balancing act.  We didn't like the people who balanced metal objects on their bodies or the group of jump ropers dressed in African costumes.  We were both impressed with the courage of the 67 year old ballerina... she was in great shape, looked beautiful and was very flexible!!  

You can click on each of the descriptions of acts and find a video clips that showing that act.  Hopefully, all the video clips will work and you can get a taste of the show as well!

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