Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thought for today…

What can you see when you look out of the windows of your church??

We can see clothes hanging on the line in a garden, new construction, and even catch a glimpse of some chickens!  The clothes hanging out on the line remind me of my childhood.  Spending summers at Grandma’s, or Big Mama’s as she is affectionately called now, I learned how to hang clothes out on a clothesline.  She only used the dryer in the summer time for towels.  Everything else was hung out on in the hot Kansas sun to dry.  

 Here in Russia I don’t own a dryer.  There have been days when I wished I did, especially for the towels.  However, each time I hang my clothes on the drying rack on our balcony I feel connected to my past.  I remember my Aunt Lisa helping me hang the sheets...she taught me how to correctly place the clothespins so that we didn't use them all up too soon! 

(She is only four years older than me…please don’t tell I her I called her Aunt Lisa or she will sock me!)



  1. Don't forget about the SOUNDS we hear outside the church window! It wouldn't be Sunday morning without that rooster crowing!

  2. ah yes, the beloved rooster... thanks for reminding me!