Monday, December 01, 2008

Enjoying our time in Kiev

Tom and I have been enjoying our time with Spencer. However, we all agree that we miss Nathan!

Thanksgiving was fun but I don't have any photos... the guys devoured the dinner I made. I made dinner on the boat for 9 people. We had two baked chickens, apple-cranberry salad, peas, corn, and stuffing ...that was about all that I was able to accomplish with a small oven and one working burner on the stove!

For dessert I baked a pumpkin pie. There were no leftovers... it was hilarious to see these guys eat pumpkin pie the way our Nathan does. They covered it with whipped cream. Normally, sweet desserts are not welcome in this part of the world. But these guys said that the pie was the best part of the dinner! They were able to take home leftover chicken and stuffing... which they ate for breakfast the next morning.

We introduced them to the tradition of sharing what you are thankful for. As each person shared it brought tears to my eyes to hear the things that were important to them. They have 3 weeks left in school. Then they leave for their outreach work. They were all thankful for their time at the school and getting to know one another.

Tom and I will be traveling overnight by train back to Krasnodar. We leave here at 10 pm and will have about a 22 hour ride ahead of us.

I will be able to post photos when I get back... I am trying not to use up all of the megabytes on Spencer's internet account.

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