Thursday, December 04, 2008

a MOPS morning...

Alyona's son Elijah came in to join his mom... he sat quietly on her lap eating a snack while we watched a film this morning.  

Today was our second meeting and Zhenya did a great job opening up with a circle time the for moms and kids. We had 11 mothers, 9 children and 3 childcare workers.  After singing as a group the kids were excited and eager to go upstairs and see the surprises that the childcare workers had for them.  This was an awesome "No Tears" transition!!

We opened with an icebreaker where each mom had to tear some toilet paper off of a roll; each one taking as much as they wanted.  After each person had theirs, they were told that they needed to share one story for each piece of toilet paper they were holding.  It was fun to hear the various anecdotes from the moms in the room!  We watched a filmed lesson followed by discussion time.  When the morning ended everyone pitched in to help with clean up.  

We are still in the beginning stages, meaning that we are in process of ironing out all the wrinkles, but I believe that we are off to a great start!! 


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  1. It sound as things are well for you and yours. So glad for the thoughts of the beloved so far away in that distant land