Tuesday, December 02, 2008

thought for today

Spencer has 6 roommates that I want to introduce to you!

Alexei- Kyrgyzstan

Igor, Ukraine

Vitalik, from Tajikistan, or Vito as he is affectionately called.

Tom posing with Slava on the left and Pasha on the right, both from Ukraine.

Senya, also known as Slavik- Ukraine

Spencer's team planning their project

Singing hymns with Pasha's family after dinner was a major highlight of our time in Kiev for both Tom and I.  

We went shopping at a bookstore downtown not far from this old church:

Tom and Spencer

Alida and Spencer

YWAM base in Kiev where classes are held.  Tom and I spent 5 nights in the hotel on the second floor and this is the place where I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for Spencer and the guys!


  1. You look so happy to be with Spencer! Lovely.

  2. You look so beautiful and peaceful. Great pictures, very nice to meet the roommates. And is that a boat?

  3. Tanya, I was very happy to be with him again!

    Yep, Joann... it is a boat!!

  4. Those are great photos! I'm so glad you had such a nice time!

  5. Sounds like a great trip. Love the pic of you and Spencer.

  6. Thank you for the introductions. :) It is so great to be with family (especially when it's your son) and get to widen your family through their friends.

  7. So wonderful that you got to spend Thanksgiving together. Great pictures and I love your verse in Russian!

  8. Awww! How fun!