Friday, January 16, 2009

the adventures of Tom and Alida

Tom sold his first painting!! We are thrilled!! It was purchased right off the wall of our living room.

I had my first lesson with my new private tutor. In our effort to scale down our expenses I am no longer studying at the Language school. My tutor was one of the original teachers at the school, she helped write the courses, so she is highly qualified and very tough!! I am fortunate that she agreed to tutor me.

I should be working on the powerpoint of the worship music for church on Sunday. However, I am feeling a little frustrated with how slow I type in Russian so I am taking a break!

Tom is off teaching an English class. We start up the weekly Recovery teaching sessions again next week. This is our last free weekend for about a month. Tom wants to teach 4 weeks straight since we had to take such a long holiday break.

He and his friend V are making plans for an English speaking AA meeting here in the city... more news about that later!

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  1. Hi Alida!
    How are you? I am a Pastor's Wife in Canada...and dropped by your blog today. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.